• Mouse / Tablet mode switch

  • Optional Warning if logging off with active connections

  • Right click hold and drag button moves between buttons or pages (or touch)

  • Right click hold and drag connections on or off of the speaker box (or touch)

  • Right click and drag connections between speaker box buttons

  • Connections optionally remember their preferred box button

  • Themed Colour pallets

  • Multiple ring tones

  • Optional alternate audio devices for regular or boxed calls – works well if you have desktop speaker

  • Multiple pages

  • BCM/DR support Invoked / Revoked

  • Recording setting can be centrally set or allowed for user control

  • Hoot or ARD circuits – to create a hoot simply drop circuit on the “Hoot” E1 in portal and FLEXeTURRET will do the rest

  • Optional Auto Connect Hoots – By Right clicking connection button or speaker box

  • Optional Auto Box Hoots– By Right clicking connection button or speaker box

  • Volume adjustments whilst on speaker box – By Right clicking connection button or speaker box

  • Function Key

    • (F1, F2, F3 Page Switch,

    • F4 Open/Close Speaker Box,

    • F5 Logon / Log Off,

    • F6 Answer Call, F7 Reject Call, F8 End Call,

    • F9 Box Call, F10 Broadcast

  • FLEXeTURRET – FLEXeTURRET ARD lines now detect if the remote user is logged in – button will show if remote user has not updated in last 40 seconds

Click to Request any internet user to use FlexeTurret

Detailed Specification

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