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Introducing TDM Private Wires on a Soft Turret!

The Flexenet soft FLEXeTURRET is a revolution in bringing the evolving world of cloud based delivery to the private line ring down market. For the first time the traditional TDM private line and turret user can co-exist with SIP based soft turret users in a single community of users. As a fully integrated end point on the Flexenet network, install and trade with traditional turret users in the established markets within minutes.


Start-up and small trading floors, Up and trading in minutes, Replacement of old turret systems, Remote locations, DR site deployment, and Cost reduction.

02 / SPECS

ARD, Hoot, Line sharing, Voice recording, 60 lines, 30 speaker channels, Hosted PBX PSTN Lines, End to end connection TDM/SIP, Full encryption TLS + SRTP, VR data held on-site, Tablet or PC, Windows 7+, Broadcast to all.


No back office infrastructure,  Line forking, Line sharing & Bridges, Install and trade in minutes, Intercom between FLEXeTURRET users, Uses existing Enterprise internet access, Fully administered by admin not trader.

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