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FLEXeTURRET is designed for the mixed world we live in where the options for communication are evolving rapidly


  • Built in Voice Recording with admin control

  • Hotkey push to talk

  • Hosted PBX integration​

  • Touch sensitive tablets/screen mode

  • Simple drag and drop screen layout

  • User customization


The Flexenet Trader voice network is a long established global community comprising all major banks and inter dealer brokers, with a core TDM back bone hosted in carrier class data centres across Asia, the US and Europe. 

Each Flexenet Data Center includes local SIP gateway and encryption equipment to provide a secure TLS connection to remote cloud based Flexeturret applications installed on the users PC.

A private line running across the Flexenet network may be between any mix of cloud-based Flexeturret users and Physical Turret users with TDM hand off.   Off-net connections to users on third party networks are also possible.

The FLEXeTURRET is an application specifically designed for Trader Voice; it has capacity for up to 60 connections to remote parties who can in turn be using either their own FLEXeTURRET or a more traditional hardware Turret. Circuits can be provided with or without signaling depending on user preference. The FLEXeTURRET has inbuilt Speaker Box functionality with capacity for up to 30 connections boxed simultaneously.

FLEXeTURRET is designed to work from anywhere with an Internet connection giving you maximum flexibility. All communications are fully encrypted to ensure your privacy. FLEXeTURRET also takes care of your Voice Recording with the option to store all calls in MP3 quality either directly to your hard drive or to a remote site via a Network drive. Application Status You can determine the application status.

The FLEXeTURRET application uses a limited number of ports to maximize the chances of it traversing your local NAT/Firewall.

All inventory and call log information is communicated with the FLEXeNET Network using HTTPS port 443.  Secure SIP signaling for all calls is carried over a single ephemeral port using TLS over TCP.

Encrypted Media is carried over additional ephemeral ports using SRTP over UDP with unique ports allocated to each connection to ensure media separation. Ephemeral ports are allocated to users in unique blocks of 100 within the range 49200 - 65400 to guarantee there is no overlap when multiple users are on the same LAN.

Upon initiation, the FLEXeTURRET scans through its allocated ephemeral port range looking for unused ports which it then allocates to the users Connections. Once ports have been allocated TCP hole punching is used in combination with TCP / TLS keepalives to establish a secure communication link in the outbound direction towards the Flexenet Network which is configured to re-use existing connections when communicating in the reverse direction.

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