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FLEXeTURRET is designed for the mixed world we live in where the options for communication are evolving rapidly


  • 60 Lines, 30 speaker channels

  • Voice Recording built in

  • Trade seamlessly with physical turret users

  • Line forking line sharing and bridges

  • Intercom between FLEXeTURRET users

  • Hosted PBX PSTN Lines

  • PC Windows

  • No equipment required on site


  • Runs on Windows 7+ PC or Tablet

  • Requires basic internet connection

  • Uses preferred standard windows audio device – headset, speaker, gooseneck mic

  • No gateways or CPE needed

  • Supports ARD, Hoot, Intercom, PSTN lines

  • Line Sharing

  • Broadcast Groups

  • Hotkey push to talk

  • Voice Recording built in

  • Integration to 3rd party voice recording

  • Hosted PBX Integration

  • 60 Lines/20 per page

  • 30 Speaker Channels

  • End to End Connection via TDM or SIP

  • Full Encryption TLS + SRTP

  • Install and trade in minutes

  • Individual Volume / Mic per channel

  • Line management via the Flexenet Portal

  • Instant real-time provisioning

  • Managed by the trader or central comms admin as required

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