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FLEXeTURRET is designed for the mixed world we live in where the options for communication are evolving rapidly


Supports ARD and Hoot lines with the distant end running on FLEXeTURRET or traditional hard turret platforms.


FLEXeTURRET provides a fully featured trading platform on your Windows PC or tablet for primary and DR use.​

  • Mouse / Tablet mode switch

  • Optional Warning if Logging off with active connection

  • Right click hold and drag button moves between buttons or pages (or touch)

  • Right click and drag connections between speaker box buttons 

  • Connections optionally remember their preferred box button

  • Hotkey push to talk

  • Hosted PBX integration

  • Themed Color pallets 

  • Multiple ring tones 

  • Multiple pages

  • Recording setting can be centrally set or allowed for user control


Flexenet understands the need for the client to record calls. FLEXeTURRET provides highly configurable voice recording and playback capability built in. 

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