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What is the FLEXeTURRET?

FLEXeTURRET is a software based application that acts as a traditional trading Turret.


What operating system does it use?

FLEXeTURRET is a Windows based application designed to run on Windows 7 and above.


How does it work?

FLEXeTURRET uses a SIP based architecture to communicate over the Internet to one of FLEXeNET's geographically diverse SBC's (Session Border Controllers), from here connections are routed over our traditional trader voice network through to a remote party.


Can I log on from anywhere in the world?

With a few exceptions the FLEXeTURRET can be used anywhere with an internet connection


Is it secure to use the Internet?

FLEXeTURRET uses SIP based signalling encrypted using TLS and Media encrypted with SRTP to provide a secure route through the internet


Do I need to adjust my Firewall?

It is unlikely that you will need to make any firewall changes in domestic or small office installations however large corporate installations sometimes require ports to be opened.


Are Internet based connections reliable?

Yes they are reliable, the FLEXeTURRET has a very low bandwidth requirement so reliable connectivity can be established even when using a domestic ADSL line or a mobile hotspot.          


Does FLEXeTURRET use compression?

No. FLEXeTURRET connections use 64K G.711 to provide the best possible voice quality that is capable of interfacing with traditional trading turrets.

How many Connections can it handle?

FLEXeTURRET can handle up to 60 trader voice connections.


Can connections be split into pages?

Yes. The 60 Connections can be displayed as 3 pages of 20, 2 pages of 30, or 1 page of 60.


Do the remote ends of connections need to use FLEXeTURRET?

No. The remote end of connections can use FLEXeTURRET but could equally be on a traditional turret.


What type of connections can the FLEXeTURRET handle?

FLEXeTURRET can handle traditional HOOT, ARD & PSTN connection types. It also has a fourth type called EXTN which acts like an extension number in large organizations.


Tell me more about the HOOT capability.

HOOT lines have no signaling and are designed for long duration open speaker connectivity. Hoots can be point to point or act as a conference between multiple end-points.


Tell me more about the ARD capability.

ARD lines do have signaling and are typically Point to Point between two people. An ARD line is ideal when people need to speak frequently for short periods of time.


Tell me more about the PSTN capability.

FLEXeTURRET allows you to make calls over the public telephone network to desk top and cell phone numbers without the need for a separate telephone.


Tell me more about the EXTN capability.

EXTN lines allow us to provide a connection on a turret which can be used to call anyone in a pre-set group of FLEXeTURRET users. For example a geographically separated Sales team might each have an EXTN line to quickly communicate with each other. With multiple EXTN connections an individual can be a member of different groups.

Can connections be added to a speakerbox?

Yes, the FLEXeTURRET allows for up to 30 boxed connections at any one time, once boxed multiple connections can be monitored at the same time. Remote parties can be spoken to individually by pressing their respective mic button or you can broadcast to all


Can I use function keys?

Yes. Push to talk function keys are allocated to all mic buttons to make responding to the speakerbox extremely fast.

With multiple connections boxed and a single speaker how do I know who is talking?

The FLEXeTURRET displays a voice detection graphic against each boxed line so that you can see who is speaking at any one time.


Can I use multiple audio devices?

Yes. You can define exactly what audio device you want to use for regular, boxed calls, and ring tone which allows you to have a one to one conversation on a headset and then move to a speaker when boxing lines.


Can I adjust the connection volume?

Yes. Each connection has its own volume control for both the microphone and speaker. Volumes are stored so they are automatically set next time you log on.


Can I change ring tones?

Yes. Multiple ring tones are available to avoid confusion if other people in your office are using the FLEXeTURRET


Does FLEXeTURRET have recording capabilities?

Yes. FLEXeTURRET can be configured to record all conversations in MP3 format for playback at a later date.


Where are voice recordings stored?

FLEXeTURRET can be configured to store recordings on any network addressable drive eg a WORM drive or data vault as well as locally on the users PC.

Can recording file sizes be managed?

Yes. FLEXeTURRET can be configured to chop long duration recordings into more manageable chunks.


Can I make recording mandatory?

Yes. Recording can be configured centrally so that it fits with your corporate policy.


How can I get the FLEXeTURRET?

You can download the latest version from:


Can I manage my own account?

Yes, if you have multiple users you can use the FLEXeTURRET in combination with the FLEXeNET Portal to configure connections and/or users as needed.

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