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ARD / MRD / Hoot - Portal Manged, Internet Delivered

Like all Flexenet circuits. Hoots can be from Soft turret to Soft Turret, or Soft Turret to Legacy IPC or other Dealer board or vice versa

When one end if a Hoot is on a soft turret, the system fully copes with the situation that the PC Soft turret is no longer connected (e.g. PC shut down,) and Flexenet ensures that the other end connection is maintained. 

When the Offline Hoot is re enabled, then the Hoot is restored automatically. 

Missed calls are still logged, and for soft to soft lines the far end's identity is shown

All Soft turret calls are routed to the local Flexenet FlexeTurret PoP and from there over the Flexenet global core network to the nearest local PoP to the far end to be delivered over whatever connectivity the far end has selected

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