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FlexeTurret is designed for the mixed world we live in where the options for communication are evolving rapidly



Case Study City Broker - Small Counter Party

In this case, the A end is a larger major broker in a Tier One city.  Broker trades from a mixture of IPC/Etrali turrets on dedicated E1/T1s

The far end is a commodities trader in a remote international location.

The A end is already a wide user of Flexenet classic private wires served in resilient infrastructure.  The B end has zero trader voice hardware and uses the FlexeTurret on the existing internet connection and makes use of the recording feature.

The costs per month for these call are dramatically reduced, and quality enhanced by using the hybrid solution of classic private wires at the A end and Soft Turret at the B end

The B end has zero cost and zero hardware

Delivery time for the circuit from scratch - 1 day


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